Who is The Jaded Halo ?

I am the Quintessential Queen of Closet Queers, Supreme Highness of Humiliation, Lovely Lady of Lo$ers, Her Merciless Beauty of Blackmail, Bratty Princess of Paysluts, Saucy Instructor of Sissies, Matriarchal Mommy of Baby Boys and Darling Duchess of Drunkies. From Medical to Money, Torture to Tease and Denial. I adorn the Jaded Halo when I am in the mood to express the naughtier side of “nice.” In fact, Jaded is quite the daring Domina with a devilish demeanor and dirty desires.

My desire to dominate the mind, body and soul of slaves keeps Me pushing My own limits, as well as yours…

I know your weaknesses and will use them to My advantage. . . oh how lucky and unlucky you will be. Quickly or slowly, according to My mood or motivation – I’ll take you from observant seeker, twist you into a hopeful subject, mold you into a humble servant and eventually break you of your will; a perfectly trained, devoted disciple.

I am original sin. A mature Mistress, a Glorious Goddess, the Siren Seductress; I am a spoon full of sugar and a tall glass of salt water. My imperfections make Me perfect, My moods make Me a mystery and My taste makes Me simply irresistible.


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jaded Quotes

"One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art."

- Oscar WIlde -

"I'm in the business of misery. Breaking boys and annihilating egos - My aphrodisiac. "

- Jaded Halo -

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

- Albert Einstein -

"I expect to be treated like a Goddess despite how much you have to sacrifice in order to meet My expectations."

- Jaded Halo -

A wise 'man' brings gifts.

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