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.:. Hello there,

Isn’t it the luckiest day of your inert existence?

you’ve stumbled across My jaded little corner of the NET. And It is with great satisfaction that I will torture, taunt, and mesmerize you; Endlessly exploiting your weaknesses for MY gain.

If you are unaware of who I am and what I do, you will learn quite quickly that your pain and $uffering is My Pleasure.

I am…: Greedy, (sometimes) Bratty, Demanding, Bright, Sadistic, Creative and Cute. 😉

My KINKY interests include:

Financial Domination.
Magnificently Seductive and Cruel Walletbuster 🤑 – you are only as interesting as your last tribute…

Degradation, emasculation, and total ego-shredding cockmocking by this Humiliatrix Extraordinaire! A delightfully wicked giggle will ring through your ears as I laugh all the way to the BANK.

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  • O/our Goddess/slave Relationship
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