iFinDom Conquests

his MUSE

After eight years of online communication, intermittent play, and modest (but regular) tribute, Ms. Helena agreed to meet me eighteen months ago. I have written about that visit before: I was immediately transformed. I no longer wanted to casually serve; I wanted to be owned. I was prepared to be Ms. Helena’s slave.

In O/our initial communications after that first meeting, Ms. Helena and I discussed music, and, knowing that I was a hobbyist musician, Ms. Helena requested that I write and record a song for Her. As luck would have it, I had booked studio time with some other performers for later in the week.

I remember it clearly. I sat down on Friday afternoon to write the song. It took no more than twenty minutes to write. The words came flowing out of me. Sentiments that I had difficulty expressing in conversation came so easily as lyrics. The central thought behind the song was the first half of the last chorus: you belong to Me/ and no one can set you free/ have faith and I will lead you to the place you wish to be.

That thought has guided me since then. I am a possession; I am a slave; I am vessel for Ms. Helena’s desires. And while human nature is to yearn for freedom, I always think of that lyric. Have faith because will, in the words of the Staple Singers, “take you there.” And indeed, She has. I belong to Her and it is complete and utter paradise.