Financial Domination

.:. December 25, 2022. .:.

” Twas The Morning Of Christmas”
dedicated to Goddess Ms. Helena

‘Twas the morning of Christmas,
Goddess asleep peacefully in bed,
While ball-gagged, submissive thoughts raced wildly in garebear’s head.
 Goddess had single-tailed, dragon-tailed, and edged last night from eight until ten,
Although red, black, and blue, he prayed for this blessing again.
 Off to sleep when commanded; under a tree with a majestic star so bright,
Hopeful to dream of his Muse, his heart, his guiding light.
So completely taken by Her Elegance as well as Her Grace.
A masochist to Her possible sadistic desires; he so eager to embrace.

Christmas Day would soon begin.
Her garebear would soon experience Goddess’ way of beginning Christmas morning.
Goddess is Always in Charge.
 A sharp electrical current sent with a timer at nine.
Curled my toes and straightened my spine.

A wake-up call that could not be ignored,

For Goddess Ms. Helena
is sincerely loved and adored.
 i crawled from under the tree
to Her bedroom with delight,
my heart was aflutter,
i swear it took flight.
To Her in a moment,
not a second to spare,
i approached with much caution,
i approached with great care.
Nearing the foot of Her bedpost;
not making much sound,
It was a bit difficult to do…
since my legs and hands were still bound.
Goddess pulled my posture collar
up to the foot of Her bed.
She slid down just a fraction;
within an inch of my head.
my eyes were now closed,
my heart raced with fear;
i dared not to open,
i was just thrilled to be near.


i did not wish to be anywhere else in the world.
There was no other place.
when i felt the cooling sensation
of Goddess’ soles upon my face.
It was Heaven on Earth,
joyful moments to treasure
 i could stay there for days,
Praying it lasted forever.
i would stay there for hours,
to warm Her size eights.
Willingly there for as long
as Ms. Helena dictates.
Her gorgeous feet pressed upon my face,
And, at times
…flattened my nose
i was a warming tray for each one
of Her beautifully, pedicured toes.
As Her feet were now warmer,
i was to remain there and kneel.
Bullwhip Christmas Eve might be over,
Although there was so much more pain to feel.
She instructed me to get ready;
there were new toys to explore,
The pain i would suffer,
would be much greater than before.
“Be ready My pet,
  I know you want Me to smile.
Clearly you are going to be here for a while.
Which toy to try first?
There are many new ones to choose.
Which ones are pleasing,
which ones will bruise.
Be prepared for almost anything;
My mood may change in a blink;
That reminds Me.
I may have something nice for you in pink.
your limits shall be severely tested, with Me in charge all the way.
It could possibly invoke some medical play.
I know you will please Me with the pain you will bear,
Just think about how much fun We will share!
Now don’t be too frightened,

although there is plenty to fear.

Let’s see if you can make it to Branding and Extreme Bullwhip New Year! “
The love of serving Goddess Ms. Helena outweighs any tortured infliction,
She is all consuming, more powerful than a chemical addiction.
She planted a seed inside of my mind,
how far She will take me is undefined.
Love, garebear