What’s New, Pussycat?

( NOTE:: There’s a 0% chance I’ll be able to highlight everything +everyone in this entry and a 100% chance it’ll be TL:DR. )

Now, where to begin?

My most recent move has landed Me Uptown, and it is jazzy!! My “backyard” is FULL of swanky lounges, fine dining, and good looking young professionals! Even the MALL is littered with LUXE shops like Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, Sephora +Starbucks! IDEAL proximity for a BOSS and SPENDING your MONEY! I’m very much in My element here! :P.

While I’ve been unavailable to most, the havoc I’ve been stirring among the Jteam has been dee-lish!! My little jadists LOVE jumping to satiate My every desire and dedicating their BEING to worshipping ME as their Muse +Inspiration; Even if that means reformatting their lives to fit MY prerogative, and branding their souls with MY fire, where I can imprint on their psyche FOREVER!!

It’s a perverse cycle. With every new thing you buy, the more I take out of you, +the MORE I USE YOU, the MORE addicted you become feeding MY GLORIOUS GREED!

#garebear continues to scribe missive after missive to My Greatness & POWER. As a willing victim, and indentured servant doing his tedious daily labor to procure even MORE luxuries for ME. I enjoy having him at My beck and call. Knowing that I might at anytime demand he put aside everything and CATER TO ME.  Graciously thinking up elaborate things for him to Find and FETCH. Shopping for Me DIRECTLY, is a VERY important task and not one to be taken lightly. To be given such an honor is to be VERY lucky indeed. garebear’s most recent offerings: Yoga and fitness gear from MY WANTlist. Custom made cowboy hat inspired by Lady Gaga’s ‘Joanne’ album, and Louis Vuitton Clémence wallet. YUM!!

#CDS. ( complete disposal subhuman) and I celebrated O/our D/s anniversary, another perfect occasion to shower GODdess in gifts and tributes! A 5,500$ Tempur-pedic BREEZE KING mattress, HEAVEN. A SEXY pair of patent LEATHER Louis Vuitton Boots. And For the Finale, a sizable +sweet 26,500$ tribute. EEEEK! Isn’t MY LIFE GRAND?! 15 years under MY Rule. And he STILL CANNOT resist MY SIREN call. After all, he is ONLY half a man, destined to be led into MY World, devoured and CONSUMED by ME!! 

#ankleaddict reported for doormat duty and put his 900$ (+1650$) where it rightfully belongs – in MY ACCOUNT. Post morning bender, he arrived home from the bar DRUNKEN, WEAK, and jonesing for another FIX of the jaded variety. Taking advantage of such a lucrative +teachable moment, I chastised and scolded him for spending MY money on BOOZE and leisurely activities.  Sharply advising him that a slave has no time for LEISURE, that leisure is a luxury, and slaves live WITHOUT luxury. Realizing the error of his ways, he apologized profusely.  And remedied his faux pas by clicking My tribute buttons over 200$200$and over 250$500$and over 500$.

#chichi ( short for chihuahua because he’s a TINY pup ) is LOVESICK; heart racing and mind swirling, he’s got ME in his veins. That paramount, unprecedented HIGH and feeling of EUPHORIA when I snap My dainty digits, and he automatically dispenses MY CASH! OR EAGERLY waiting for PAYDAY to arrive so that he can send MORE of his hard-earned cash, since of course it’s NO LONGER his MONEY, but is MINE.  meow! $ Complete money-slave NIRVANA!! Now that he’s found Me, nothing else matters, I am the reason he exists, the reason he was put upon this earth, his Purpose!  $ Speaking of Purpose, during chichi’s last visit, he was given the HIGH HONOR of presenting Me with exquisite DIAMOND rings as a symbol of his unyielding devotion and eternal commitment to being a VESSEL for ME; +MY PLEASURE.

This piece is so delicately designed and fit for a PRINCESS! Picture: a 14k WHITE GOLD setting with Micro-pavé diamonds that shimmer from every angle and a double row of HALO diamonds surrounding the center stone. The BAND Alternating round and marquise diamonds to create a chic and elegant pattern, SPARKLING GLITTERING PERFECTION As soon as I saw it, I could barely breathe! I HAD TO HAVE IT!!

In addition to stacks of CASH and piles of pressies, #chichi commissioned a One of a Kind portrait of your HIGHNESS by the infamous Sardax.! It is diabolically breathtaking and perfectly conveys My Jaded Mission. 

In other news, I traveled to Cali to see TheAsianGoddess. 😛 Of course, I didn’t pay for a THING. We had a fantastic time on YOUR dime. Soaking up the sun, hiking, eating, and sipping – I was there for nearly a week, and it just wasn’t long enough. There are many things left for Us to conquer and explore. While you sit back and admire Goddesses who deserve to squander your cash on WHATEVER WE WANT!

New Rules.

1. Do not, EVER, disobey Me.
Whether I am granting you the privilege of My time through email, on the telephone or you’ve actually been granted the utmost privilege of viewing My Beauty live on cam – there is nothing that you are giving Me that grants you mercy from insubordination.  You will promptly be punished, ignored or blocked from My world.

2. Be Polite.
I know that you are a perverted, sick and twisted pig, but you shall maintain courtesy at all times.

3. My Rules are simple.
You do what I say, when I say it, or punishment shall follow.  For the real daft fucks, who think they’re an exception to the rule, will be simply ignored. 

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