Blow Me.

Such an eager little cockSUCKER. ūüėõ

ūüéľ music

“Colors of sound
Scales and beauty
[ Beautifully crafted ]
Audio scenery 
Electric love and
Rhythmic symmetry
Written in memory
Complex or simplicity
Sonic energy
Piercing insensitivity
Sympathetic poetry
For some even identity
Collective entity
Something to belong to
A source of energy
The possibilities
Wave lengths and bandwidth
Higher vibration
Energizing entire lands with
Or stand for
Lovers to walk hand in hand with
Then plan for
Sanctuary chords
Harmony, melodies, even riffs can be
Disguised human essence
Sonically bottled ecstasy
Or melancholy
Agony blues angst
Exercising anxieties
Fueling entire societies
Making economies
Stimulating, generating
Inspiration synonymously
Entertaining expression
Intangible, invisible, but undeniable
Plays the language of excitement on survival
Some call it tribal
But perspective is everything
Connected to everything
Some say



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