Return of the Mack

OMG. 😛

There’s a new goodie game available via NITEFLIRT. I had a blast putting MY jaded spin on such a classic, a hint of nostalgia based on Monopoly, ME, and MONEY. Is there a better, more appropriate board game to model as the blueprint for a Jaded FinDomme Game?

You, addicts, can expect more goodies to consume, SPEND and get your fix soon. Particularly humiliation sluts, foot freaks, and COSplay nerds. (I want to make it CLEAR; subs/slaves/addicts can ONLY access My content through NITEFLIRT or ME directly. This is Nonnegotiable. So, please dO NOT ask, or I will block you.)

In recent news, londonbitch came groveling back weak and bewildered. I can’t remember the exact total. It’s so menial, but let’s call it 600$-800$. CB, the carrot top cocksucker, dropped 400$ and scurried away like the little pissant that he is. It’s a pity. I thought he had the potential to be a long-term +lucrative bottom bitch. It turns out he was just a broke bitch! 700 + 800 PER A x 4 = 3900$ total from cds. If you’re unaware, I’ve been working My perfect ass off since the start of 2023. And it’s paying off, literally! It’s so nice to be rewarded for My hard work – Thanks to My cds – he’s the BEST. Lots and lots of pressies from mikey – such a sweet and thoughtful puppy. From costumes to books, my magic wand and Harry Potter Keepsakes, Enchanted Roses, a Perfectly curated picnic basket, countless home decor, spa dates, and much MORE. There is some sweet torture on the horizon for My adoring +patient pet. CBT delights, bondage, target practice, and violet wands *devilish giggle* — Garebear added two new fabulous pieces to the wardrobe. And Jimmy sent a special UNICORN poopsie slime surprise doll that shakes her magical booty. My FULL toilet slaves are going to love this. 2000$ from My whitebitchboi and a stunning Hollywood swank Lingerie chest. It matches the vanity, office desk, and boudoir—almost the entire collection. And photos don’t do it justice. It’s lined in velvet with dainty butterfly handles. It’s feminine, GLAM, but not in a flashy way. It’s sophisticated, with bold accents that give just the right sparkle. I love it so much.
So as you can see, Goddess is happy and pleased with cozy loyal, and devoted pets. Outside of Twitter being My social media drug of choice, My pets keep Me pampered and so well served that I’ve severely neglected My blog. But, with that – I’m ready to grow My blog, document this next journey more privately and authentically while staying true to My Brand, and perhaps choose a few additional servants to accompany Me along the way.

Who knows, you might get lucky.

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That’s all for now.