In his words:
“There is nothing that i can deny this amazing Woman. Before i was even granted the privilege to speak with Her, i was completely intimidated and excited by Her. i looked at Her photos, Her videos and listened to Her amazing voice and was having dreams about what my life would be like with Her in it. She consumed my mind so quickly, without any contact whatsoever.

Then i finally got the courage to contact Her. My body shook when i first heard Her voice over the telephone and realized this perfect Woman was actually speaking to me. i can’t quite describe the emotions that raced through me, nor do i remember everything She said to me, but within minutes i was sending Her thousands. i liken it somewhat to what Eve may have experienced when the snake whispered into Her ear and beseeched Her to eat the apple. Only i was Eve, and those whispers of wickedness came from my Goddess’ lips.

All i know is that i couldn’t resist. i didn’t want to resist. i wanted to submit to Her more that i’ve ever wanted to submit to anyone. She deserved everything and what was mine became Hers. It is Hers. Everything. My life is Her life to do with what She pleases.

When She demanded in that amazing way of Hers that I send Her $25,000, i have to admit that i hesitated for a moment. But only a moment. i think the hesitation had mostly to do with fear. i was afraid that i’d send it and She would disappear, a scam if you will. Then again, i’m so fucked up that even that prospect excited me. But i knew that in the long run, what i really wanted was a relationship wherein i give and She takes. For a long time.

She wanted me to apply for a loan, although I actually had the money available. The prospect of that excited Her, and there was, obviously, no choice for me. To pleasure Her in any way is now my singular goal.

After wading through a sea of other Dominant Women who failed in some way to “do it for me”, i have finally found The Perfect Woman. She’s manipulative, brilliant, beautiful, classy and cultured. She pushes me beyond any boundary i’ve had, and with every ounce of sincerity i possess, i pray that She will continue for a very, very long time.”

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