The Upper Tier of Attainable, most simply stated, is the price point at which I have chosen to market My stately self… and for good reason. Making My coveted content cost more than that of the average Domme was a calculated call.

The most effective way for Me to establish true submissives from fetishist drive by’s was to make My content out of reach for those who would not save up for it. Although My prices are not exorbitant, they are certainly not economical either. Remember, service is meant to be a sacrifice…and I do love a good sacrifice.

In addition to being Expensive, I am Exclusive, and it is precisely because of that exclusivity that I keep My content fire-walled behind a plush price tag. you wouldn’t pay the same amount for a Honda that you would for a Bentley, but if you want the luxurious feeling of being behind the wheel of such an Exquisite piece of machinery, you will part with a pretty penny to get it. Although it goes without saying, I am the Bentley of Domina’s, and you will pay accordingly.

Images and Videos by Ms. Helena