pucker up, buttercup

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Consistently making moves means – it’s always GO time for Goddess.

Some days are like FUCK YEAH. 🤘🏿
– others are like DAMN, BITCH.  🙄

Either way, it’s the price you pay to be a BOSS.

::  Goddess Tidbit: When at the TIP top of My game- ya Gotta catch Me early! 
The things I accomplish between 9AM-12PM (focused) - butter, baby. ::

// In other news:

Since selling the townhouse and moving to a new city In 2017 – I frequently find Myself with the itch to change spaces +explore different parts of town. Naturally. what Goddess WANTs , Goddess GETs. 😉

I won’t go into detail about My plans just yet.
But, FYI: it’s NO good for that pitiful appendage you call a cock and even WORSE for your wallet. 😈

// More updates to come on:

Real TIME:
One of the things I’ve missed most during the pandemic. Traveling for fetish festivities, meeting new kinky friends, +using and abusing ( a select few) bitchboys IRL –  is a vibe.

CONTENT (creator.)
There are lots of keywords that I begrudgingly succumb to for the sake of the algorithm and fucking google as much as I fuck your wallets.

Social MEDIA (influencer.)
and keeping up with it.

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